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Events we are at

We are often at IT events in the Greater Toronto Area. Ones you can typically find us at are (as client needs permit):

- TASK: At most of the monthly events.
- Tor VMUG: At many of the quarterly and annual events.
- iTech: Attend many of the Toronto-Downtown and Toronto-West conferences.
- Micro Focus/SUSE: At many of their Toronto Area events as well as the occasional one beyond.
- SECTor: Helping run the TASK booth in Community Area.

Past Events of note

Small Business Forum 2016

Konecny Consulting had a booth at last years Small Business Forum. We expect to be at the next year so drop by and say 'Hi'

SecTor 2016+

Helped run the TASK booth, and were otherwise around the conference. Darlene has lead the booth in the years since until the pandemic pause of 2020. Looking forward to being back at it when the in person event resumes.

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