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We are an IT Consulting firm with a dual focus of: Implementation and support of secure & stable systems largely based on OpenText(former MicroFocus/Novell) products, and Documentation (writing policies, procedures, etc), Bookkeeping, Instructional Design, and Training. We are problem solvers, who enjoy those challenges and working through them securely and efficiently. Translating infosec into regular IT and IT into regular business terms.

Our Philosophy:

To assist in bringing out the best in your systems and people through appropriate best practices, tools, and skill development. We are not interested in pushing products or techniques just because they are (or perceived as) the latest and/or greatest, but rather assist you in building upon and fine-tuning what you already have. We follow the KISS principle (Keep It Securely Simple) and our site is just one example of it.


Andy Konecny & Darlene Llewellyn-Konecny
  • We each bring over 30 years experience in corporate business in our respective and complementary skill sets
  • - Andy: 30+ years - IT with a general focus on the products from OpenText(former MicroFocus/Novell) and Security in general.
  • - Darlene: 30+ years - Accounting, and 20+ years - Documentation, Implementation, & Training.
  • Andy and Darlene

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