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Reviewing and updating procedure documents

A procedure document what is the real purpose of it?

Do you have a lot of procedure documents that may or may not be up-to-date? A lot of organizations have documents sitting on shelves that haven't been looked at for years. A simple review of these documents could assist the organization in doing things efficiently. In some cases, the procedure as documented is out of date and needs revising. Are the people that are doing the task doing something different than documented? Are there certain procedures that need to be followed and are difficult to understand?

These are some of the issues that Konecny Consulting can assist. Being able to create and review procedure documents and outline what could be updated/enhanced would assist your organization in getting the tasks done efficiently and effectively. Assisting in finding out how individuals do the various tasks and documenting the steps are important to ensure that the tasks will get done if a certain individual isn't around to do them for any reason. Documents that would enable a new individual within the organization are important so that they have some guidance as to what they should and shouldn't be doing requiring fewer hands-on training or guidance.

We have seen documents where the simple task of opening the mail has been a couple of pages of steps instead of just the key things that need to be accomplished. Making sure that the procedures are understandable but not overly detailed also makes a difference in how people work.

We can assist you in achieving some of the benefits of these quality standards/certifications without having to go through the entire progress. We would scale it to meet your organization's needs and budget.

Last updated 2017-06-21
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