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Keeping track of all the internal administrative links can be a pain without a good tool, so here is a simple tool (anonymized mash up of) I use at my clients.

Just grab a copy of this page and edit it in a good text editor such as NoteTab or Notepad++ (I use both) or some other basic HTML editor to put in your own links based on the ones I have in here. A word processor such as Microsoft's Word or LibreOffice's Write are not recommended as they make it almost impossible to ever go back to the simple tools and create much bloated versions of this file. Feel free to rearrange as you see fit for yourself and your team.

Keep your copy of this file in a central spot (an internal web and/or file server) were all your admins can get at it, as well as copies on a couple other admin systems in case that central one is down. Do Not put it out publicaly as it becomes a map to your systems, and letting just anyone access that, is a Bad Thing.

User     SysAdmin     Servers     GroupWise     Network gear     Printers     Other    

User services

Timesheets, from: inside the office, and outside
iPrint Printers Map/list
Retain; inside, outside.
GroupWise WebAccess: Private/internal side Site1 + Site2; public side Site1 + Site2, Cell side Site1 & Site2.
GroupWise Calendar Publish points: Site1, Site2
NetStorage: Private/internal, Public/External
SSL? VPN front end
Anti Phishing training link(s) such as KnowBe4

SysAdmin services

Power outages: Ontario outside GTA, Toronto, Markham+ (Alectra)
ISP status, ISP account login
public DNS management such as easyDNS
public website management cPanel
SAAS antispam such as Support
BES Administration
UPS management
Phone system management
ServiceDesk admin
Retain agents; server1 Worker, Server2 Worker,   DL newest version.
VPN management
Firewall management

Server Remote Management interfaces

OpenText/MicroFocus: Customer Portal, OES Support portal, OES Market Place, OES Client, ZCM Support portal , iPrint beyond IE.
SUSE: MyAccount, Customer Center
S2data iManager iMonitor Remote Manager - ganglia HW Remote Access Controller
S2mail iManager iMonitor Remote Manager - ganglia HW Remote Access Controller
vCenter1 VC1-TCB260 VM1 configs VM2 configs KVM
ML1 iManager iMonitor Remote Manager - ganglia
ML2 iManager iMonitor Remote Manager - ganglia
MA1 iManager iMonitor Remote Manager - ganglia
FS1 iManager iMonitor Remote Manager - ganglia
FS2 iManager iMonitor Remote Manager - ganglia
PS1 iManager iMonitor Remote Manager - ganglia PrintManager Status - Printer Status

GroupWise management agents

OpenText/MicroFocus: Customer Portal, GroupWise Support portal, Messenger Support portal, Retain Support portal - Checking your GWCheck logs.
Site1 on ml1 admin MTA POA DVA RetainWorker 2014 AdminConsole
Site1 Gateways on ml2 MTA (routing only domain) POA (for client redirection only) GWIA WebAccess8 Cal Pub
differing versions to watch for WebAcc 8- WebAcc GW 2012+
ASite2 admin MTA POA DVA RetainWorker
GWIA WebAccess 2012+ Cal Pub
GW Monitor A GW Monitor B
GW User lists from GW2014+ size & last login contact info Everything! Nicknames Admin ReST API resources
Admin ReST API resources Domains Groups Resources members per group
To match output of GWMBSize add this Users with this Resources

Switches and other Network Gear

Core Switch for Site1
Core Switch for Site2
Meraki dashboard


Xerox WorkCentre 5755 (Site1, mail room)
Xerox WorkCentre 5740 (Site1, accounting)
LaserJet 9000N (Site1, West Centre)
LaserJet 8150N (Site2, East Centre)

Other device interfaces

Tape Library in Site2
fibre switch in Site1
SAN stor1_SPA in Site1

Useful links

Andy's Internet tech list of tools of the structure of 'the net'.
Micro Focus Community forums A place for sharing questions, including former Novell products.

The sample this based on is maintained at Konecny Consulting Resources

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