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GroupWise Automated Maintenance


Validated for GroupWise versions 5 though 2018+.

Ensure that the PO and Domain objects have an appropriate GroupWise ID set as admin/postmaster to receive any system messages that the following routines will generate. After the first runs of these, do check the results and then make sure you at least check the end of the contents check there after to make sure there are few if any errors that repeat from check to check. The first time these are run there will be lots of "errors" as things get cleaned up, but withing a couple of weeks should be running fairly clear when you check the logs.

For GW 2014 and up, log into your GW Admin page such as https://gwserver:9710/gwadmin-console/login.jsp
If you are on an older GroupWise system, make sure that your NWAdmin(GW5.x) or ConsoleOne(GW6-12) is properly Snapped in with the relevant GroupWise hooks so that you can go to the Tools menu and see 'GroupWise View' as an available option. Make sure that you have run the manual maint routines before implementing these (unless this is a new system).

The following assumes the 'traditional' 9-5, M-F office type organization. Adjust times as appropriate for your situation so that the maintenance occurs in the lowest use times.

In GWAdmin, select Post Office Agents on the left, then select your POA you will start with.
In NWAdmin/ConsoleOne, go to the details/Properties of the Post Office Agent (POA) object
- select Scheduled Events tab or GroupWise/Scheduled Events tab.

You can now go to any/all other Post Office Agents and select all these created jobs or create new ones if needed for different times.

It is strongly suggested that these repair jobs be collected into a Shared folder that all applicable GW Team members be able to monitor the status of the system, check the logs periodically, and purge GWChecks older than about 2 months. Typically, the 'Admin' ID or its permanent equivalent GW account can be used for this, set with a rule to automatically move the GWCheck messages to the shared folder. This is also a good method for collecting GW Monitor alerts. For clients I am working with long term, I will often have an internal GW account that gets to share those folder(s).


  • Assuming one POA per server, these events only have to be created once for the whole postal system and as such need to be done by a User with rights to the Primary Domain. They then only have to be activated on a PO basis. If you have multiple POA's per server, you'll need the multiple events to spread the times out.
  • GroupWise and its maintenance does multithreading nicely, so don't be shy about giving it cores to use. Even on small systems having at least two cores so that if one thread gets stuck for a bit, users aren't likely to notice, especially if all in on-line mode.
  • Do make sure you check the errors at the end of the Contents Check every once in a while to make sure there are no problems brewing. This is a task that can be readily outsourced to an organization such as Konecny Consulting Inc, so feel free to engage us.

  • Relevant TIDs + for reference:
    10023861 - Secondary domain administrator cannot change or create scheduled events. Just in case you happen to run into this on an old system.
    10021870 - Changing a Scheduled Event on one POA affects all POA's in the system. A good heads up that still applies
    Top Down Rebuild tool for GW 14 and 18.  

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