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GroupWise Client tips

"fix" GW18 view to be more like previous versions

GroupWise 18 defaults to a very different view than previous versions, in such a way that really breaks a lot of work flow for many people. There are two main parts to this, A) Conversation Threading and B) lots of "white/wasted" space that people have clear opinions of in both directions.

- A) Conversation Threading can be toggled at all the normal levels: Client, User, PO, and Domain.

- - On the client(per user) from the menu, Tools, Options, Environment, General, and on the right-bottom is . Remove the check mark to enable email to show in order of receipt vs in order of the first one sent of a conversation, that hides those week-long conversations way down low.

- B) To tighten up the mail view, client on the gear on the top right and select "Mailbox Display Settings..." (If you don't see the gear, you need to turn the "Nav Bar" back on, under "View" on the main menu.) The quick way is to just select "GW 2014 Defaults" which might clear other settings and with "Restore Defaults" the way to the GW 2018 layout.
- - [] Show Group Labels. is to have the Date breaks
- - [] Message Preview. is to show a bit of the text of the message
- - Summary vs Columns. If you ever need to sort your email, you need the Columns. I always make sure the "size" column is added as size still matters, even if not as much as it used to as there are still size limits around.
- - Just click on the Close button at the bottom right to save and exit these options.

- C) Quick Viewer positioning can mess some things up as well, so on the client, Tools, Options, Environment,
- - General Tab, bottom-right, you can enable the view that GroupWise will to try and guess the right size for you .
- - Appearance Tab, bottom-right, you tell the Quick Viewer if you want it on and either the bottom or right side.

To set Conversation/Discussion Thread Administratively in the GroupWise Administration Console, you can select 'Client Options' at the Domain, PostOffice, and/or User level.
- Environment, General, hiding in plain sight in the middle is

"fix" Folder display settings

Another old feature that has notably changed how you do it is how to apply a set of display settings to different folders. In GW18 client, we can now apply a set of settings to children folders as per:

This was implemented with the GroupWise 18.2 release on 10/31/2019

Note that I have seen the one Threading feature, shown as both Conversation or Discussion. I haven't nailed down if it is a language and/or version variation. This was all quickly written with an 18.1 English system that had it as Conversation Threading, with spot additions since.

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