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Are your system user ID's up to date

Have you gone through your system user ID’s to make sure they match with the humans using them to ensure that only valid users are still listed?  Checking the list is something that is very important when you are paying for licenses on some systems.  Through these reviews, you may find out if anyone that shouldn’t have access has access.

If you have projects that users get access to a system for specific access (retrieving data) you need to ensure that you can manage this access.  Once the specific project has ended, there should be a process of removing the access you have given out.  We have found many cases that there is no such process in place so your list of users would keep growing without proper management.  Ensuring you have a process in place is very important as you may be paying for licenses for users that don’t need access any longer and to keep those no longer needing access out of it.

Last updated 2017-06-21
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