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Do you have a policy with regards to music or pictures on company devices?

Have you ever looked to see what types of files are on your corporate servers? Are there files such as mp3's or jpg's or videos that have nothing to do with the business? It is amazing to see how many individuals figure that the corporate server is a great spot to save their music or pictures. Without policies or procedures in place to ensure this isn't happening your storage cost may be rising due to this happening. A policy outlining what can and not be saved in an individual's directory on the corporate servers would assist in managing your storage. You need to have these policies in place to ensure that your storage doesn’t explode because of the personal stuff people storage on the server. Yes, there may be some cases the mp3’s, and jpg’s or videos are allowed to be on the server, but these should be small except for an organization that uses mp3’s and jpg’s are used a great deal in their projects. A policy needs to be in place and communicated before you can enforce it.

Konecny Consulting has various tools and methods available to help you locate, document and identify where the problems are. This will assist in being able to enforce this policy.

Streaming media (music or videos)

Are you finding that emails are sometimes taking forever to leave or enter your system and you wonder why this is happening, and your internet feels slow? Maybe one of the reasons for this could be individuals listening to music or presentations (podcasts) through the internet. Another reason could be individuals are listening to videos off the internet during the business day. (Yes, I said listening to videos because watching a video isn't allowed are there is a policy against watching videos.) Videos do that a lot more bandwidth even if you are only listening to it and not watching it.

There are so many different things that can be slowing down your system and without the policies that you can enforce it makes it very difficult to manage excessive bandwidth use. You can't be watching over what is acceptable and not acceptable within your organization as this would take up your entire day. You need to have the policies in place before you ever try to implement any computer processes and Konecny Consulting can assist you in implementing the tools to assist in managing these policies.

Last updated 2017-06-21
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