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Your Intranet

Who manages your intranet? Is it managed by one individual or can anyone put something on the intranet? Are there guidelines as to what should be on the intranet or is it just a free for all. This is very important to ensure that there is some control over what is posted and how much space your intranet is using. These can all also relate to your website. Even if there is only one person who posts/edits are they managing what is there and just adding whatever someone else requests to be added.

It is also important to ensure that only up to date information is available. If employee handbooks are stored and accessible through the intranet you need to ensure only the most current handbook is available. This is required so that everyone is using the most current standards/procedures/policies and there aren’t conflicting information on the intranet. If there is a need for old version there must be a means of showing that the old information has been replaced and/or updated. We have found sites with multiple versions of handbooks in various sections making it difficult to enforce anything. Having conflicting policies available could make it more costly if enforcement of a policy is required.

Last updated 2017-06-21
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