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Accounting deadlines

In running a business, there are a number of government deadlines that are required to be met to avoid penalties and/or interest charges. This is a Canadian example of the deadlines for an incorporated business that a good bookkeeper will help you meet.

January 15th- 4th quarter payroll taxes dues
January 30th - 4th quarter HST instalment due
- income tax payment due for previous year
February 28th - T4 payroll slips due
March 31st - HST reconciliation for previous year due
April 15th - 1st quarter payroll taxes due
April 30th - 1st quarter HST instalment due
June 30th - corporte income tax return due for previous year
July 15th - 2nd quarter payroll taxes due
July 30th - 2nd quartr HST instalment due
October 15th - 3rd quarter payroll taxes due
October 31st - 3rd quarter HST instalment due

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